Toyo Seiko North America, Inc. cut wire shot peening media

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Certificate: C2018-00391

Toyo Seiko North America, inc. Cut Wire Shot Peening Media

South Bend is at the junction of three interstate systems and four national highways. The area is served by all national motor freight carriers and is a regional hub for UPS, Fed EX, and USPS. Toyo Seiko North America Inc. utilizes this strategic location to provide exceptional service in distributing the superior quality Toyo Seiko shot peening medium.

The South Bend distribution / Manufacturing center has a complete inventory of all Toyo Seiko
shot peening medium. The inventory is available for same day shipping.

Toyo Seiko North America Inc. is the direct distributing arm of Toyo Seiko Ltd Co, a manufacturer of superior quality cut wire and conditioned cut wire shot. Toyo Seiko products are specified by all major automotive and aerospace companies.

If you are a current Toyo Seiko cut shot wire consumer, we look forward to continuing to meet and exceed your expectations. If you are interested in becoming a valued customer of Toyo Seiko North America Inc., our knowledgeable staff will explain in detail the benefits and advantages of Toyo Seiko shot peening products.